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NEW BLOG ADDRESS このブログの新しいアドレス

Posted by SRS on June 25, 2006 To Jump click here


This site will no be longer updated, so please click the above link to jump to my current blog.



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This blog is moving ~ このブログのアドレスが変わります

Posted by SRS on June 19, 2006

Thank you for reading this blog. As of today this site has been viewed over 940 times – far exceeding my expectations. I have moved the blog to a new server to accomodate  larger postings, so please continue checking in. The new address is (click to jump).

このブログを読んでくれてありがとうございます。今日の時点ではこのサイトが940回以上アクセスされています。様相以上です。続けるつもりので、余裕のあるサーバーへ移動します。今後もよろしくお願いします。新しいサイトのアドレスは です。どうぞう、クリックしてください。

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New page: Strange English ~ 新ページタート:変な英語

Posted by SRS on June 18, 2006

Click on the tab "Strange "English" above to see examples of "English as she is practiced in Japan." 上の「変な英語」タブをクリックすると独特な英語のフレーズを見ることが出来ます。意味分かれば教えて下さい!

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Rikkyo in the rain 

Posted by SRS on June 18, 2006

The rainy season continues. The quiet of a Sunday afternoon on campus can be pleasing when viewed from the safety of one's umbrella. To view the set of photos of Rikkyo in the rain, click on the photo.


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Trees of mystery? ~ 不思議な木々

Posted by SRS on June 15, 2006

Cedars trimmed and otherwise

Trees don't often remind me of the lyrics of musicals. These did. Click on the photo above and notice the work done on the cedar trees at the right side of the path. Their more fortunate neighbors on the left side of the path are still unshorn. While you're having a look, put on a CD of the musical "Sweeney Todd." These lyrics come to mind while viewing the trees.

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd
His skin was pale and his eye was odd.
He shaved the faces of gentlemen
Who never thereafter were heard of again.
He trod a path that few have trod,
id Sweeney Todd,
The demon barber of Fleet Street.

Here is another pair of trees "what got it." Maybe Sweeney has a relative working with the Tokyo Parks Department?
Sad trees

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Program for the St. Catharine’s College Choir concert

Posted by SRS on June 15, 2006


The program for the St. Catharine's College chapel choir concert at Rikkyo has been announced. Details can be found by clicking the "choral related" tab above.


Gibbons: O clap your hands
Byrd: Diliges Dominum; Infelix ego
Bach Fugue “St Anne” (organ)
S. Wesley: In exitu Israel
Stanford: Three motets: Beati quorum via; Iustorum animae; Coelos ascendit hodie


Holst: Nunc Dimittis
Harris: Bring us, O Lord God
Vaughan Williams: Valiant for Truth
Dupré: Placare Christe servulis
Vaughan Williams: Three English Folksongs: Linden Lea; The Lover's Ghost; One Morning in the Month of May
Two Japanese Folk Songs: Hamabe-no Uta arr. Tamezo Narita; Sakura arr. Toru Takemitsu

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Dr. Edward Wickham at Rikkyo University, Tokyo

Posted by SRS on June 13, 2006

Next month Dr. Edward Wickham is bringing the choir of St. Catharine's College, Cambridge to Japan for a concert tour. Among his many choral activities, Dr. Wickham is the chapel choirmaster at St. Catharine's. I heard this fine choir at a special service of Evensong while the Rikkyo choir was on tour in England this past March, and highly recommend hearing them if you have a chance. This and more information about their performance at Rikkyo University can be found by clicking on the "choral-related" tab above.
Wickham CDDr. Wickham is famed for his interpretation of early Renaissance choral music, and has released many CD's of music from this time period. I have his recording on the Gaudeamus label of Requiems by Pierre de La Rue and Antoine Brumel. If you want to hear perfect intonation and tuning, as well as the uniquely deep range of the music of these composers, check out this CD. It is available from, among other places. Here are some links to sites related to Dr. Wickham and his ensemble, "The Clerks' Group." Dr. Wickham's schedule at Rikkyo can be found by clicking on the "choral-related" tab above.

Goldberg Magazine / Sanctuary Classics / Japan

来月イギリスの合唱指導者Dr. Edward Wickhamがケンブリッジ大学St. Catharine's College聖歌隊を日本へ演奏旅行に連れてきます。数ヶ月前この聖歌隊を本番のチャペルで聞くことが出来ました。大変上手なグループですので、是非日本ツアー中のどこかの演奏を聞いて下さい。細かい情報は上の「聖歌隊関係」のタブにあります。

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Rainy season in Tokyo ~ 東京は梅雨に入りました

Posted by SRS on June 12, 2006

The rainy season has started in Tokyo. The downside is the frequent rain and high humidity. The upside is the lush greenery (and not just the mould growing everywhere). Particularly nice during this season are the hydrangea of many types and colors blooming everywhere.  If you would like to see more hydrangea photos, click on the "Nature, flowers" tab above.


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Tokyo Cathedral 4

Posted by SRS on June 10, 2006

The Tokyo Cathedral recital is over, and I am fairly pleased with the results. The attendance was good, and I managed to concentrate and enjoy performing (for the most part). Unfortunately for me my upcoming recitals don't take place in comparably stunning venues. (To see a list of upcoming venues click on the organ tab to the right).

What does one do to purge the stress of performing? Go cycling, of course. (I suppose you thought the answer would be "go drinking.") Today I headed up to Hikarigaoka Park, a huge wooded area set between large apartment blocks. It appears to have been a planned development, with differing types of parks appearing between the buildings. 25 km of cycling, coffee in the park, and refreshment is yours!


さて、どうやって演奏会のストレスをなくすでしょうか?もちろんサイクリングに出かけることです。(飲みに行くのもオプションでしょうが…) 今日練馬区にある光が丘公園に行ってきました。サイクリング+緑の中でコーヒーいっぱい飲む事=レフレッシュ!

These are photos of Hikarigaoka Park ~ 写真は光が丘公園の風景です

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A satisfied organist? ~ 満足しているオルガニスト?

Posted by SRS on June 8, 2006

Magdalene College, OxfordThis little stone organist seems to be quite pleased with his playing. May we all be so fortunate one day. (I took the photo at Magdalene College Chapel, Oxford, in March, 2006.)
この小さいオルガニストはとてもいい顔をしています。自分の演奏に満足していようです。幸せですね。(この写真はOxford大学のMagdalene Collegeチャペルでとった映像です。下にはもうちょっとバックからとった写真です。)

(Click for a larger photo. See the photo below for a wider view of the same area.)

Same are from farther out.Magdalene College, Oxford

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