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Eton College Choir in Tokyo

Posted by SRS on April 13, 2006

Eton College Choir

I attended a concert by the Eton College Choir of England tonight.

Here are some websites concerning the choir to check out: and

It was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space (東京芸術劇場) in Ikebukuro. This was their last stop before heading home tomorrow. The program was polished and well planned to please not only the Anglophiles in attendance, but also the many parents with children. The lively acoustics of the hall helped the 35 or more singers to produce a well-blended sound. As well as the usual choral repertoire, there were two sets of small ensembles singing pop arrangements that were thrillingly precise. The organ scholar played a couple of solos on the 3-in-1 organ (Renaissance organ, Baroque organ and Modern organ). If you haven't heard of the world's only (?) revolving organ that comprises three organs in one, each in their own temperament and pitch, see this website:


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