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Tokyo Cathedral 2

Posted by SRS on June 7, 2006

Yesterday I went to practice at Tokyo Cathedral for the first time. The organ is an absolute delight to play. The touch is on the light side, with a fairly shallow key dip. The physical layout of the manuals, pedals and stops is very good. Though not a huge instrument, the acoustics of the room allow even a few stops to sound like a full ensemble. This means you can work with smaller portions of the organ at once, giving you a far larger tonal pallette to work with. And there are very interesting stop groupings available. For example, on the Positivo manual (Ruckpositiv) one has a choice (if using the left row of stops) of a typical one-manual Italian organ's broken plenum, while the right row of stops gives a more typical North German sound. The Italian side is complete with a Voce Umana (Principal Celeste from middle C up). The two different plena on a single manual is something one doesn't often run across (complete with two different 4' Principal stops).

Another benefit of playing at the cathedral is that it is a mere 30 minute bike ride from home – exercise and practice come in the same package for a change. Enjoy the photos.



1. Tokyo Cathedral exterior ~ カテドラルの外見

02 Cathedral exterior 1

2. The way to get there – cycling ~ お勧めの通い方:自転車

03 Intrepid cyclist

3. View of the altar area from the organ loft ~ バルコニーからのオルタ

<p>04 altar from organ loft

4. The Mascioni organ ~ カテドラルのオルガン

05 Mascioni organ

5. The keydesk ~ 手鍵盤

07 Mascioni organ manual keyboards

6. The ride home (near Edogawa-bashi) ~ 帰り道:江戸川橋の近く

10 riverside ride home


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