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Tokyo Cathedral 4

Posted by SRS on June 10, 2006

The Tokyo Cathedral recital is over, and I am fairly pleased with the results. The attendance was good, and I managed to concentrate and enjoy performing (for the most part). Unfortunately for me my upcoming recitals don't take place in comparably stunning venues. (To see a list of upcoming venues click on the organ tab to the right).

What does one do to purge the stress of performing? Go cycling, of course. (I suppose you thought the answer would be "go drinking.") Today I headed up to Hikarigaoka Park, a huge wooded area set between large apartment blocks. It appears to have been a planned development, with differing types of parks appearing between the buildings. 25 km of cycling, coffee in the park, and refreshment is yours!


さて、どうやって演奏会のストレスをなくすでしょうか?もちろんサイクリングに出かけることです。(飲みに行くのもオプションでしょうが…) 今日練馬区にある光が丘公園に行ってきました。サイクリング+緑の中でコーヒーいっぱい飲む事=レフレッシュ!

These are photos of Hikarigaoka Park ~ 写真は光が丘公園の風景です


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