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Dr. Edward Wickham at Rikkyo University, Tokyo

Posted by SRS on June 13, 2006

Next month Dr. Edward Wickham is bringing the choir of St. Catharine's College, Cambridge to Japan for a concert tour. Among his many choral activities, Dr. Wickham is the chapel choirmaster at St. Catharine's. I heard this fine choir at a special service of Evensong while the Rikkyo choir was on tour in England this past March, and highly recommend hearing them if you have a chance. This and more information about their performance at Rikkyo University can be found by clicking on the "choral-related" tab above.
Wickham CDDr. Wickham is famed for his interpretation of early Renaissance choral music, and has released many CD's of music from this time period. I have his recording on the Gaudeamus label of Requiems by Pierre de La Rue and Antoine Brumel. If you want to hear perfect intonation and tuning, as well as the uniquely deep range of the music of these composers, check out this CD. It is available from, among other places. Here are some links to sites related to Dr. Wickham and his ensemble, "The Clerks' Group." Dr. Wickham's schedule at Rikkyo can be found by clicking on the "choral-related" tab above.

Goldberg Magazine / Sanctuary Classics / Japan

来月イギリスの合唱指導者Dr. Edward Wickhamがケンブリッジ大学St. Catharine's College聖歌隊を日本へ演奏旅行に連れてきます。数ヶ月前この聖歌隊を本番のチャペルで聞くことが出来ました。大変上手なグループですので、是非日本ツアー中のどこかの演奏を聞いて下さい。細かい情報は上の「聖歌隊関係」のタブにあります。


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