Scott Shaw, Organist and Conductor

News from Tokyo about the organ and choir world, and life in Japan

2. CD sales ~ CD販売

recording on the Noack organ
Shaw plays the Noack organ at Kwassui Women's College, Nagasaki
Recorded in 2002 on the Noack organ at Kwassui Women's College. This professionally produced CD demonstrates the flexibility of the Noack organ, as well as the performer's interest and skill in interpreting the repertoire of varied periods and regions. It can be purchased either from the publishing house of the Anglican Church in Japan (Seikoukai Shuppan: mail at or call at 03-3235-5681.)Price: ¥2,100 + shipping and handling

It is also available directly from Scott Shaw for ¥2,000 or the equivalent in foreign funds, plus shipping and handling. Send an e-mail to, or reply to this page.


John Knowles Paine: Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn

Felix Mendelssohn: Sonate VI in d-moll

John Stanley: Voluntary in D Major Op. 7 No. 6

Johann Sebastian Bach: Jesu bleibet meine Freude

Edward Elgar: Sonata in G


スコット・ショウ 長崎・活水学院 ノアックオルガン


〒162-0814 東京都新宿区新小川町9-5 TEL03-3235-5681 FAX03-3235-5682


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