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5. Choral-related ~ 聖歌隊関係

Dr. Edward Wickham's itinerary at Rikkyo University ~ エドワード・ウィっカム先生の立教日程

*7月2日(日)一日ワークショップ ~ July 2: all day choir workshop 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
11:00-13:00 Lecture/workshop on the 15th-century English music: everyone works together on sections from Browne's Stabat mater.
14:15-16:30 masterclasses with choirs 1-2. Sections of Wylkynson Salve regina
17:00-19:30 masterclasses with choirs 3-4: Sections of Fayrfax Magnificat
20:00-21:00 Sing along: Wylkynson's 13-part canon

*7月3日(月) 18:30-20:30: 合唱ワークショップ「トマス・タリスの音楽」
July 3 (Monday, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Chapel): Choral workshop on the compositions of Thomas Tallis
曲目 ~ Pieces to be used in the workshop: Hear the voice and prayer, O sacrum convivium

16:30-17:30:夕の礼拝(池袋チャペル)参加する聖歌隊:Cambridge University St. Catharine's College Chapel Choir, 立教大学諸聖徒礼拝堂聖歌隊、日本聖公会東京教区聖歌隊、立教女学院聖歌隊、他。
July 8 (Saturday, 2:30-4:00 p.m.): Choir festival. Participating choirs include St. Catharine's Chapel Choir, Rikkyo Chapel Choir, Diocese of Tokyo choir, Rikkyo Jogakuin choir, etc. All will be coached by Dr. Wickham. Followed by festival Evensong at 4:30 p.m.

*7月9日(日)、10時:立教大学池袋チャペルの日曜日礼拝にてSt. Catharine's College Choirが歌います
July 9 (Sunday, 10 a.m.): St. Catharine's College Chapel Choir will sing at the Sunday service in the Rikkyo Ikebukuro campus chapel.
7月9日(日)、18時:立教大学池袋チャペルにて聖歌隊コンサート:St. Catharine's College Choir, Dr. Edward Wickham、指揮
July 9 (Sunday, 6 p.m.): St. Catharine's College Chapel Choir will sing a concert in the Ikebukuro campus chapel.


2006 Rikkyo Chapel Choir England Tour ~ 2006年立教大学諸聖徒礼拝堂聖歌隊イギリスツアー

This past February I escorted the chapel choir of Rikkyo University All Saints Chapel to England. We sang a concert, two services of Evensong, and jointly with St. Catharine's College Choir, Cambridge at a special Evesong in their chapel. The main events of the tour were as follows:

Feb. 25: concert at St. George's Catholic Church, Worcester (Elgar's church). We sang 4 Elgar motets, other pieces from our normal repertoire, and several Japanese and Korean folksongs. The mayor of Worcester attended. (Photo by T. H. Kondo)
St. George's Church, Worcester (photo by T. H. Kondo)

March 1: coaching with Dr. Edward Wickham, Choirmaster at St. Catharine's College Chapel. Dr. Wickham worked with us on White's Christe qui lux, et es dies, and Gibbons' O clap your hands (which we sang jointly with the St. Catharine's Choir March 2 at a service in their chapel).

Coaching session at St. Catharine's College

March 3: Evensong at Keeble College Chapel, Oxford. The lush acoustics of this chapel were probably the most satisfying of all the places in which we performed. (Photo by T. H. Kondo)
Keble College, Oxford (photo by T. H. Kondo)

March 6: Evensong at Birmingham Cathedral. The last official event of the tour. (Photo by T. H. Kondo)
Birmingham Cathedral (T. H. Kondo, photo)


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